Digital Design

For those looking for hands-on support to create a personal or business website, a new logo or memorable holiday card - I work with individuals and businesses to create digital products that fit their unique aesthetic and vibe.    

Sample Projects 

/. New Logo Design

Vom Wetzstein
A new logo for a new business. Vom Wetzstein is a business focusedon the dog breed Deutsch Drahthaar. This special breed of dogs is versatile and makes a great hunting companion and house dog. To be a certified Deutsch Drahthaar these dogs have to go through a rigorous set of criteria. This logo needed to be flexible to span across different mediums (print, 3-d, signage and web) and adaptable to different needs as the business continues to grow and expand. This is a German breed - so the style emphases traditional German elements and more modern text with a dark green and orange color palate to showcase its hunting skills. 

/. New Website and Logo Design

Conroy Coatings and Restoration 

A fresh website for a true craftsperson. Conroy Coatings and Restoration is a specialty restoration and construction company that brings a refined and sophisticated touch to every project. The request was a website that cleanly describes services and showcases completed projects. To accompany the newly designed website, a new logo was also in order. With an appreciation for craftsman architecture this is a nod to that style with structure and clean lines. A flexible design was needed to go from website to tee shirt and even the side of a truck. Check out the website to get the full experience.

Conroy Coatings & Restoration Logo

/. Custom Wallpaper

Wallpaper can make a run. To make this kids room feel extra special, custom wallpaper was crafted out of pictures of themselves. The images are small enough where that it requires the individual to take a closer look and experience the little vignettes throughout the design.