Commissioned Projects

For people who would like a unique and interesting piece of artwork that fit their spaces, I create custom one-of-a-kind design using various mediums to create commissioned artwork. I work with clients to understand their needs and create a unique original piece of artwork for individuals considering the size, color, and aesthetic.  

Sample Projects 

Large Triptych Acrylic on Paper for a Hallway

"Three Stripes on Red" Triptych
Original Design Artwork
High-Gloss Orange, Green and Pink on Vibrant Matte Red-Orange
Acrylic on Paper
Each Painting Size: 31.5" x 47"

These pieces were created along with some interior work for a San Francisco Family. The entrance has a long hallway painted white and the request was something visually impactful that would fill the space. Since the length of the hallway is a factor - I wanted a color palate that would draw guests into the hallway and artwork, to get a closer look. The vibrant colors create contrast to the white walls and the stripes are in a high-gloss finish which pops out from the bold reddish-orange matte background. Each piece is framed with a floating mount and white frame. 




Large Scale Block Printed Artwork on Paper for Family Room

"Series of Circles and Half Circles - Dark Navy Blue"
Original Design Handmade Block Printed
Dark Navy Oil-Based Paint on Warm White Paper
Size: 31.5" x 47"

This was made for a very large vertical wall. It's very dark navy that creates a bold statement. It feels as though at any moment the circle might start to roll and set off a cascading flow of pieces across the page. This piece is framed with a floating mount and simple dark blue frame. 



Large Scale Painting on Canvas for a Children's Room

Acrylic Paint
Vibrant and Tropical Color on Stretched Canvas
Size: 36" x 48"


Large Scale Block Printed Linen Wall Hanging for a Family Room

Original Design Handmade Block Printed
Butter Cream Water-Based Paint on Charcoal Grey Linen
Size: 43" x 24"

This was made to specifically cover up an electrical box and match the existing color scheme.