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multifaceted design from digital to interiors and everything in between


sample projects

large scale artwork

Modern artwork.
Acrylic on stretched canvas 40" x 80"

bathroom redesign

A touch of modern and classic elements to create an inviting sophisticated bathroom.

block print artwork

Block print technique artwork.
Oil-base paint on natural fiber paper.

new business logo

Digital and print brand package for a new company.


Interiors /.

Support ranges from room rearrangement for better flow and function; to a fully digital room mock-up design, including furnishing and product recommendations.

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Commissioned and Available Artwork /.

Projects include original custom artwork to fit a unique space or color palette and original block-print and paint on canvas artwork available for purchase.

Completed Projects
Available Art

Digital /.

Support varies from business and personal website design, logo design, and even unique personalized gifts.

Sample Projects


“I had a pretty strong sense of the general feel and direction of where I wanted to go with the fireplace, but needed some help. I wanted Spanish/mission style with a mix of tile and plaster. I was having trouble visualizing and deciding between 2 different tiles that I loved, and deciding whether or not to bring the tile all the way to the ceiling or not. 

Jenn took pictures and measurement, then mocked up the room so that we were able to visualize some options at scale.  Being able to see the different options helped me to decide with confidence, before spending so much on materials and construction.  Jenn has a really good eye and I was grateful for her perspective on the space and options. Most helpful was her observation that in most other views in my house, there is color, which she knows I love, and the white/cream crime with the white walls seemed less “me” while that the blue pattern tile would make a bigger impact.  The finished product is perfect and I can’t wait to hang stockings on the mantle!! "

Megan, San Francisco, CA

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