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It's a bit of an addiction. I look for any opportunity to overcomplicate the simplistic task in the name of creativity and hosting.

Thanksgiving, for some, might have everything to do with a specific dish, a unique gathering place, an annual gathering with the same faces, or possibly a holiday riddled with anxiety and constant panic about having to host and cook. For me - it's squeezing too many people around a beautifully decorated table, so everyone has to get cozy to enjoy a lengthy and hopefully neverending meal with endless flowing wine. So in anticipation, I go crazy, mapping out a schedule that starts days in advance and going to great lengths to incorporate traditional dishes with a few new ones. Nevertheless, it's total bliss anytime I can host a large sit-down dinner.

One of my favorite elements on a tablescape is custom touches for each guest. Starting on top is a piece of nature (a dried leaf, bay leaf, twig, or citrus fruit), nestled on a linen napkin, surrounded by far too many pieces of silver to use in one meal, along with a name card and dinner menu. Even the simplest meals feel elegant when the guests can read the menu for what lies ahead.

If you're also inspired, here's a copy of my 2022 Thanksgiving notecard menu card.

Happy tablescaping.


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